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The Environmentally Responsible Charity Fundraiser

LIVE AND LEARN. School may be out but there is no better time for NECA members to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about the benefits of professional car washing. Here’s some information to point out to your customers.

  • Do you know that commercial car washes are required to dispose of water and solid waste from car washing in an environmentally safe manner?
  • Do you realize that the water from the car wash may not flow into storm drains, and solid waste must be trapped and hauled away?
  • In addition, are you aware that many car washes recycle water, all use high pressure systems that use water efficiently, and all must use EPA approved cleaning agents?

So, besides using water more efficiently, professional car washing has a very important environmental benefit: the run-off will not go untreated into the storm drains, polluting sensitive water supply and potentially harming the environment.

Together, let’s get the word out. We encourage you to post this information on your company web site with a link to and a link to consumer information on NECA’s web site: Home Page/Tools and Resources/”Answers to Consumers Questions”.

After the very dry winter and spring, many communities are experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions, all but shutting down roadside car washing fundraisers. Wash for a Cause offers community groups and non-profits an attractive, environmentally friendly alternative that extends their fundraising year-round and region-wide. Wash for a Cause also expands the reach of the charity through social media.

For our members, there are great benefits from participating in this program:

  • Build good will in your community
  • Help deserving charities without the usual administrative hassles and liabilities of running your own program
  • Establish your business as environmentally concerned and responsible
  • And, most important, introduce new customers to your business.

Questions on how to get involved? Contact Adam Korngold at 617/ 848-4237.

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