It's All About Our Members

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It’s All about Our Members
Everything has a life span: some are finite, some need retooling and others require a “sabbatical”. With that realization, the NECA leadership is reviewing our four signature programs: winter and fall membership meetings, Spring Table Top and Golf Outing. We want to be sure that we offer both what our members want and need.

The twice yearly dinners with programs have always focused on topics relevant to our members but we’ve heard loud and clear that attendees want to hear from others in the industry, particularly members. So, for both the Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 meetings, the primary speakers will be members speaking on topics of immediate interest to our members.

Each year, we’ve tried to introduce a new element to the Annual Table Top Show. The most successful has been the tour preceding the Show. The very popular tour definitely has not run its course and will continue. We are working on some new ways to make the Show itself more interactive and educational, as well as an enhanced spotlight for our exhibitors. There will be more to come on this as plans develop.

And, some good things do reach an end, if only temporarily. We won’t offer a 13th Annual Golf Outing in 2012. Instead, we’re investigating a wide range of alternative events for our members’ networking pleasure. We promise an exciting alternative.

In addition, we will be reaching out to members with a survey to determine what kinds of programs they would like us to add to our calendar, and if (very important) they will support these programs by participating.
Again, NECA is all about our members. Speak up. Participate. Become engaged!

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