Wash for a Cause is Up and Running

Member Benefit

WashforaCause.com is NECA’s alternative to “driveway” charity washes. In May, the program’s first full month of operation, 9 charities collected 430 pledges. We currently have 56 available member car wash locations. Are you one of them? The more available locations, the more attractive using this service will be for charities.

What’s in it for you?
Participation can raise the positive profile of your wash and help to win the loyalty of customers who value your contribution to the community and to preserving the environment. And, it can introduce your wash to new customers.

The program is easy to administer and responds to concerns about liability when holding live charity washes on your site. Enroll today online at www.facebook.com/newenglandcarwash If you have Facebook, click “like” after you register. Once you’re signed up, help make this program a success by talking about it whenever the opportunity arises. Plus, NECA will send you a complementary starter kit of brochures to hand out.

Here’s some easy ways to be a Wash for a Cause booster, whether you are a participating car wash or a supplier:

* Display the custom, Windmaster style sign prominently.
* Hand out brochures to customers who ask about donations and/or about holding a charity car wash.
* Talk to groups that ask for donations.
* E-mail names/contact information of potential charity participants to the NECA office (ex. check town lists, personal contacts).
* Make presentations in schools in your community.
* Visit your town hall and post information.

Click here for the basics of how WashforaCause.com works and will work for you.

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