Earth Fest 2011; Representing the industry point of view

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Earth Fest 2011: Representing the industry point of view

NECA and NEWWA, the Northeast Water Works Association, are teaming up to exhibit at Earth Fest on Saturday, May 21st, on the Esplanade in Boston. This annual concert and environmental fair typically draws tens of thousands of people, and is a great opportunity to educate the public about water and how to use it in an environmentally responsible manner.

During the year, NECA supports NEWWA’s chosen charity, Water for People, a global charity that works to develop innovative and long-lasting solutions to water, sanitation, and hygiene problems in the developing world. At Earth Fest, we hope to provide support for Water for People through our Wash for a Cause fund raising program. In addition, NEWWA will provide information about preserving our regional water supplies, and NECA will provide information on the environmental effects of driveway car washing in terms of both volume of use and disposal of untreated waste water.

NEWWA, of which NECA is a member, is a leading authority on education, training opportunities, and public outreach to protect and improve drinking water and water utility operations. They have whole heartedly welcomed NECA’s commitment to preserving the integrity of the water supply in New England.

We encourage NECA members to volunteer to staff our Earth Fest exhibit (just call the office) and everyone to stop by to see how Wash for a Cause works and pick up a complimentary jar opener (made of recycled material, of course).

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