Wash for a Cause

Wash for a Cause

Many of you already have charity fund raising programs. These programs have helped to enhance your business's image, to attract new customers, to create good will and to increase revenue. However, you probably experienced several issues such as printing wash tickets that were not sold, being shortchanged, not receiving payment from the charity or not receiving payment in a timely manner.

NECA has a solution. www.washforacause.com is a social media deal website that allows charities to sign up and "sell" car wash tickets to your car wash. It will help them raise funds year round and is the environmentally responsible alternative to driveway washing.

WashforaCause.com is a standardized fundraising program that is easy to run for the car wash owner, guarantees payment and has no up-front printing costs. Plus, it will help to spread the word that professional car washing is the environmentally responsible way to care for a vehicle.

How does it work?

  • Each charity that signs up, using an on-line template, receives a unique URL such as http://www.washforacause.com/Dedhamhightrip The charities then drive donors to their page.
  • A basic car wash coupon is given to a donor for each $10 donation made on the site. $4.60 will be distributed to the car wash, $4.60 will be distributed to the charity and the remaining .80 will be used to administer the program web site and cover on-line transactions.
  • The donor can select any of the participating NECA member car washes throughout New England.
  • The donor will receive an e-mail certificate with a unique ID which can be redeemed at the car wash specified at time of purchase.
  • NECA will collect the money and distribute payments to the charity and the car wash.
  • The website will integrate with your POS if you provide us with an Excel spread sheet of prepaid wash codes.

What do I need to do to participate?

  • Be sure to renew your 2011 NECA membership. Participation in the program is free but limited to current NECA members.
  • Enroll your car wash(es) online at: www.facebook.com/newenglandcarwash If you have a Facebook page, click "like" after you register.
  • Wash for a Cause will generate sales for your car wash without any additional work from you beyond helping us to spread the word. Once you sign up, please promote this program at your car wash: put a link on your website, display a Windmaster-style sign (shown here; can be purchased from NECA for $30), hand out program brochures (available soon from NECA) and suggest to people in the community when they ask for a donation that they participate in this program.

Added Value
We will encourage regional as well as local charities to sign up to expand the donor base across New England. If you have a contact at a regional charity, please encourage them to sign up or pass along that information to the NECA office.

NECA has worked hard over the last five months to develop this program as a service for our members. Team Leader Adam Korngold of Waves Car Wash personally thanks the entire NECA Board for their support and participation in building this website as well as the committee members: Danny Paisner of ScrubADub, Russ Picard of Executive Auto Wash, and Gary MacKenzie of Quick and Clean Car Wash of Waltham.

If you have any questions about the website, please feel free to contact Adam Korngold at (617) 848-4237 or Danny Paisner (617) 797-4110.

For a sign and brochure order form please go to the Member's Only Section, sign in and download the form.

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