Educating the Public about Professional Car Washing

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We all know that the carwash industry has become increasing “green” but one of our biggest challenges is still raising public awareness of the negative effects of driveway and “charity” washing. To that end, NECA has been working hard to create opportunities to spread the good word about the benefits of professional car washing.

  • If you visit the NECA web site, look in the “Tools and Resources” section for our new consumer information page, linked to and from the MA DEP web site. It has lots of valuable information you can share with your customers, local regulators and media. Post a link from your web site to this page as an added customer service.
  • If you haven’t already seen DEP’s strong recommendation to use a professional car wash over driveway washing, visit their page
  • Bob Katseff, Past NECA and ICA President, was on guest on the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ. He responded to the host and listeners’ questions about all things car wash.
  • NECA made a presentation to the MA DEP Green Team on how car washes use and conserve resources. The Green Team is the employees responsible for public education about water use. Adam Korngold, Paul Vercollone and Bob Katseff were our representatives.
  • NECA and the New England Water Works Association, of which NECA is a member, exhibited at Earthfest 2010 by the MA DEP. The annual musical and environmental extravaganza was held on the Esplanade in Boston.
  • Wash for a Cause is NECA's response to charity car washes that both waste water and add untreated water/waste to a community's ground water. It provides a social media, fundraising alternative, that has geographic reach, to hose and bucket washes. Donors to charities that choose to mount a Wash for a Cause campaign can purchase washes at any participating car wash location.

 More is in the works.

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