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Member Benefit

When conducting our market research study (available at no cost to NECA members – just contact the office), quality customer service was indicated as a major factor in choosing a car wash. Study participants indicated strong loyalty to businesses where quality is addressed and where they receive consistently excellent service and car cleanliness. In fact, we learned that customers who do use professional washes care more about quality and service and less about price.

What did NECA do with this information?
Bring in a quality expert from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center!

NECA’s January 5th, 2010 Winter Dinner Meeting featured, “Radar On – Antenna Up … Fulfilling Customers’ Unexpressed Wishes”, a Ritz-Carlton program. The event attracted 160 eager attendees who were not disappointed. Everyone went home with ideas for improving their customer service and building customer loyalty.

To make it possible for members to bring their whole teams -- and many did -- NECA offered two for one registration (two-fers) for all current, 2010 members. This offer was an investment in the future of our members. It has been often said that our members are the best in the business. In this rapidly changing world, we have to be the best to compete. NECA is committed to helping our members compete and succeed.

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