Member Benefit

Clockwise, starting from top left: Mike Ilacqua, Jeff Panich, Steve Crowell, Yvonne Blackman, Ken Brunini, Patti Kaplan, Michael Gardner Jr., Bill Stapleton, Ron Bousquet, Paul Vercollone, Joe Mead, Adam Korngold.

They are your friends and customers and neighbors. They are the “welcome committee” at each NECA meeting and event. They are the chief cheerleaders for all things carwash in New England. They are the industry’s eyes and ears. They are the NECA Board of Directors, an extremely hard-working and dedicated group of industry professionals.

The Board meets in person as a group every other month, and in smaller committees and task forces between those meetings, often by conference call. Yes, they have a great time together and are a tremendous source of support for each other; but, most important, they take their roles as the “watchdogs” of the industry and “stewards” of the association very seriously. While assessing the effects of the weather or the economy, they strategically plan activities and services to meet member needs.

You do not have to be a member of the NECA Board to reap the benefits of association leadership. Consider helping with a specific initiative or meeting. Even if you’ve just an hour or two to spare, your efforts will be appreciated. Here are some ideas on how to become more involved.

  • Help to develop criteria for our nascent best practices program
  • Make telephone contact with prospective members
  • Assist with check-in at our annual golf outing
  • Write an article for the Northeast Carwasher
  • Submit a “Topical Tip” to the NECA E-News
  • Serve as a “welcome ambassador” at the Fall or Winter dinner meetings.

Contact the NECA office or President Patti Kaplan to become an activated and invested member.

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