Car Wash Tours

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“School Trip” for Adults

Every spring for many years, NECA has presented its Table Top Show but starting in 2004, we added a new feature: the Annual Car Wash Bus Tour. The Tour (and rolling lunch) has proven to be extremely popular, a great addition to our successful Show. Who doesn’t want to visit and learn from those who have the newest or most interesting operations? We even move the Show’s location to feature car washes from all around the region. The April 24th 2007 Tour features washes south of Boston.

A dedicated group of NECA volunteers plans the tour as well as assists with the Show. Whether you’ve involved in the planning or attend the Tour and show, it’s a great opportunity to check out the newest and best in our industry, and make some new acquaintances. When you receive your registration for the Tour and Show, don’t delay in responding. You wouldn’t want the bus to leave without you!

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