Meet Our New Legislative Monitor


Meet Our New Legislative Monitor

After two years of primarily addressing issues related to the Covid Pandemic, and utilizing the services of lobbyists, NECA recently hired a new legislative monitor. We were fortunate to find Armandine Kaplan, an individual with exactly the skills and experience needed for this position.

Armée was employed for five years at the Legislative Service Commission of the State of Ohio, reviewing legislation on behalf of the state's legislative branch. In her role as a Technical Reviewer, she carefully studied bills in the final phase of the drafting process to correct and identify technical errors (stylistic, grammatical, form and content, etc.). In the process, she developed a reading style to look over hundreds of bills with an eagle eye for the specific issues that require attention. She also coordinated the assembly process of several state budgets, maintaining ever-evolving databases of amendments.

Monthly, the Legislative Monitor reviews bills and regulations introduced by the state legislatures in MA, ME, NH, RI and VT. A task force comprised of John Shalbey, Esq., Paul Vercollone and Bob Katseff review the reports to determine if there are issues that require NECA’s attention. These reports are then posted on the NECA website. Click on the “News & Events” tab and scroll down to “Legislative Activities in New England” to review the latest report. Or, just click on this link

An Opportunity to Get Involved in the comfort of your home or office
State Legislative Liaisons/Grass Roots Monitors

One NECA member is needed from each of the five states that NECA represents to assist us in this important work.

  • Conduct ongoing review of your state websites, newspapers, television and any other medium that may provide information on the business practices of car wash operators.
  • Report any information or concerns to the Legislative Committee when relevant issues have been identified.
  • Assist in gathering more information on issues that require surveillance or further investigation, and report back to the Legislative Committee when the information has been gathered and verified.

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