You Make It Happen - Mark Delaney


Mark on left with Dad Chuck and Brother Mike

This year's recipient is a quiet guy that really gets things done. In fact, when he was growing up, that quiet served him really well. He became the most popular caddy at the country club down the street from where he grew up, eclipsing his two brothers in popularity. The golfers just really liked his quiet competence.

Our honoree is a sports enthusiast, and golf is his passion. He golfs with this brothers as often as he can. Skiing comes next. In high school, he was a member of the ski team and in winter, he skis with his brother up at Stowe.

As is the case with many of our members, car washing is his family business. Mark started vacuuming cars as a teen and as soon as he could drive, he would drive the vehicles onto the track. But, he didn't enter the family business right away. He studied business in college after which he worked for a big financial firm - not the most satisfying experience. His brother Mike and Mother had assumed responsibility for day-to-day car wash operations, and they needed help. That is when Mark, a detailed oriented, hard worker joined his brother Mike at Allston Car Wash. This was a great help to his Mother and Dad.

Mark served on the NECA Board of Directors from 2017 through 2019. During that time, he logically worked with the golf outing committee but his service to NECA did not end when his term on the Board ended. This is something that does not happen often. Mark agreed to take on the outing chairmanship when Patti retired from that role, a hard act to follow. In fact, his very first outing in 2018 was so successful, that despite being held during a Nor'Easter, we made our largest charitable contribution to date, only exceeded by our 2019 outing. He did the legwork for our 2020 outing, which unfortunately could not be held, but our 2021 Outing was a great success thanks to his leadership.

Mark Delaney is really close with his family. He is the youngest of four M-named siblings known as the M & Ms. He is living the bachelor life right now so we are very fortunate he is willing to spend so much time planning and coordinating our golf outing, one of NECA's major signature events.

For stepping up, not stepping out, and for doing it so very well ... Mark Delaney,

You Make It Happen!

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