Operational and Regulatory Issues: Labor Costs

How can we address increasing labor costs?

The increase in wages that have and will occur each year has driven our cost of doing business to new highs. We have an opportunity to freeze or lower this wage for those entering the workforce through what 39 other states call a "teen wage" or "training wage". The New England Car Wash Association, along with business lobbying groups, strongly believe that we have a realistic opportunity to cap or lower the wages for teens which will in turn help our businesses. 

On behalf of the New England Car Wash Association, I have drafted a memo that I ask all of you to send to your local representatives. Sign and submit the attached letter in the hope that it may help affect our representatives' opinion on this issue. The more of us that send this letter to our local reps, the more likely a teen wage will be enacted.

I appreciate all your help in this matter.


John Shalbey, Rojo Car Wash
NECA Operator Director

click for a sample memo you can personalize and send to your local rep


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