Purpose and Mission

The Purpose of the New England Car Wash Association

The purpose of the Association shall be to advance and safeguard the business interests of the vehicle washing industry in general and its members in particular, to foster and promote more cordial relationships between ourselves, our employees and the motoring public. And to supplement the purposes of ICA in enhancing the position of the vehicle washing industry on the local level as well as the national level. For the complete By-Laws click here.

NECA Strategic Directions

In July 2016, the NECA Board conducted a facilitated strategic planning session to assess its progress since their previous strategic planning retreats in 2005,2007 and 2009. We evaluated the validity of the four guiding principles identified as our “strategic directions” as well as our strategic priorities and the effectiveness of our efforts the past two years. We made some significant progress in fulfilling the previous strategic directions/goals but in 2016, we revised our mission and vision to address current realities.

The goals/strategic directions  identify those major areas of emphasis for NECA in the coming years, and help us to focus on critical priorities at this point in time. The overarching goal of the strategic plan is to realign NECA to bring maximum value to the membership. We continue in our work to fulfill our commitment to our members.

Developed at 2016 Strategic Planning
Mission: We connect car wash professionals to promote and protect our industry
Vision: Drive more consumers to use professional car washes

Goal One: Create a NECA-led consumer marketing program 
    To build our industry and association brand, educate various publics, provide a service to the industry, attract members
Goal Two: Improve Infrastructure and processes for all stakeholders
   To enhance communications between leaders, our membership and the public
Goal Three: Develop/improve educational opportunities for members, directors and consumers

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