2017 Winter Dinner Meeting Presentation - Chris Brown's slide

Chris Brown has allowed us to post his presentation slides for 30 from Jan. 12th. Please see below.

Also, he has provided two very helpful Excel worksheets to our members that he explained during his presentation:

  • Myrrh Revenue Power Survey
  • Profit Opportunity Calculator
    Please see below

In addition, Chris has a special offer to NECA members. Please read on.

"In addition, I would like to offer a complimentary 30-minute consulting session via webcast to each attending NECA Member business. This session can be used for, and not limited to, any of the following purposes:

  • Quantifying revenue opportunities, completing the documents.
  • Ask as many sales, management and/or operations questions they would like.
  • Sales or sales management troubleshooting.
  • Coaching sessions for service advisors (one or multiple).
  • Owner coaching, management mentorship or sales management coaching.
  • Owner problem-solving, strategy clarification or second opinion soundboarding.

I would also encourage any owner who feels we could help them to reach out, no matter how large or how small their objective/potential project may be. We have delivered on huge projects all the way down to tiny ones as low as $250. Our only goal is to bring great value to great people. If it is an ethical and collaborative owner, we can almost always find a solution that makes sense for all parties.

I wish you and NECA the very best and a super-prosperous 2017!"

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